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thank you so much for stopping by. i hope this space can offer a deep breath, inspiration, beauty, agitation, challenge, and anything else your journey itches for. i am grateful for it all.

i am a firm believer in the idea that art and creative expression are human necessities and our brithrights, and also carry the belief that all art shared in public space or with the masses must be intentional, and aware of its positionally and stakes in the world. for this reason, i cherish being able to share this art, and always welcome feedback and critique. a critic is a lover.

i treasure seeing how others interpret my art, and incorporate it in theirs. i ask that if this is done, please include the reference to my work in the public forum you are sharing within, as well as properly cite me and where my work can be found. i appreciate it, and all those who have inspired and influenced me — you can find these in the 'guide' section of this site, and through other sharings. 

a dozen roses,

*all background videography has been captured by grey,
using either 8mm film or digital camcorder. 


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